LinkedIn Marketing

You may already know that LinkedIn is the largest B2B Social Platform in the world. People are doing REAL BUSINESS on LinkedIn every day. If you aren’t using it to it’s full potential, just think of all the business opportunities you are missing out on!


We will find YOUR ideal prospects, connect to them, engage them about the value you can add to them and open the door to people who are looking for you.
We will help you to take advantage of these target connections by messaging and engaging with over 1000 people every month, allowing you to focus on generating new business and keeping a full pipeline.


From a profile makeover to completely setting up your LinkedIn messages inside and outside of LinkedIn, we get you predictable results using LinkedIn as the platform. If your target market is on LinkedIn, we will find them and engage with them to produce “Real Business”


Your profile is how potential clients decide if you’re someone they want to work with. It needs to show you as the industry specialist, the ‘go to’ person in your specific field, so let’s make sure it showcases you in the best way possible.

We will supply you with a completely personalised profile report, to enable your profile to shine and stand out from the crowd.

This will include SEO optimisation, insights and recommendations to increase the engagement from your target audience.

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or an active you member, we will ensure that your profile will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do, the value you add and why they need you.

Before starting any marketing campaign, the key is to focus on defining your target market specifically so you can achieve your goals.

As part of the OnBoarding process, we will collect as much information as we can from you so that we can research the size and demographics of your target markets. Once we are confident we have defined your target audience, we will put together a suggested plan in order to connect and engage with these people with maximum results.

It is useful for us to understand any other marketing strategies that are in your plans and so we can align this as part of your overall company strategy.We will discuss and set KPI’s so that you can monitor the ROI for our campaigns.

Once we have defined your target market, it’s now time to connect with these prospects.

We will send up to 100 personalised ‘would love to connect with you message’ per day, 5 days a week. These messages need to be engaging, authentic and in the language that you would use, as LinkedIn is all about nurturing valuable connections without ‘selling’ to them.

We have dozens of proven messages that have been tested and measured and our goals are to achieve a connection rate for you between 25% and 35%.

Once connected, these new target market connections will receive a ‘Thank for Connecting Message’.

This message is designed to generate an inbound response based on receiving a genuine message relevant to the new connection. This should always be around adding value, a solution to a problem, a free download or information and a ‘call to action’.

These messages are sent out a few days after the initial connection and we will send up to 50 of these messages per day. As our goal is to open the door to your target market, once they initiate a conversation, request further information or a call, it is then up to you to follow up with them. We get a conversation started with your new prospect and build you a steady flow of leads.

We want our work to seem organic, so we make sure that if there has been any interaction with the new connection, from you or them, our system will not follow up this new connection.

Once you have a strong network of target prospects, you want to be able to make the most of the relationships you are building.

We can drip messages to target selections of your existing 1st connections. Maybe you are running an event you would like them to invite them along to, a new product launch you think they would be interested in or maybe just to say ‘hello’.

We pride ourselves in a conversational, non-pushy, marketing technique which is why we don’t advise sending any more than 4 messages a year. This is a powerful way to stay engaged.


  • No OnBoarding or Set-Up costs
  • No long-term contracts – you will with us because you are loving what we do
  • 1st month guarantee – If you are not thrilled with what we do, we’ll give you your money back
  • Full Transparency – You get full access to all our files, project plans and daily production schedules.